C.C. Sabathia, old man in the cemetery, and the Mariners

I decided to go for a walk this morning because it was soon to be a hot, sweltering day, so wanted my daily walk done before the heat came in.  On my return through a local cemetery I saw an old man, probably near eighty, wearing long pants and a pin striped windbreaker.


Headstone (Photo credit: masukomi)

The man was walking through the cemetery with a shovel. He stopped in front of a tombstone, stuck the shovel into the ground straight up, then rested both hands on top of the shovel, before lowering his chin onto his hands and staring at the tombstone. He then let out a wild cackling laugh.

I went over, quietly-after all he had a shovel-and I looked at the tombstone. It said Seattle Mariners R.I.P. I asked the man who he was and he answered “C.C. Sabathia, and I buried them yet again.”  He then cackled loudly which scared off the ravens. And me too. If the Yankees ever need a win and they are playing the Mariners they will toss old C.C. to the mound. In 20 career starts he is 12-4 versus Seattle and has won his last eight. In his last 11 starts against Seattle dating back to 2006 he has allowed one earned run or less in 9 of those 11 games. He has a 1.20 ERA in those 8 straight wins is 2.46 for his career.

CC Sabathia

CC Sabathia (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

When he gets to the Hall of Fame he should thank the Mariners for making his trip to the Hall easier. If the Mariners were a dragon, C.C. would be Sir Gawain, the slayer. If the Mariners were Grendel, C.C. would be Beowulf. If the Mariners were Billy the Kid, C.C. would be Pat Garrett. C.C. is invincible.

From my bedroom window I can see the grave that C.C. dug for the Mariners. I shall watch that grave at night, hoping they shall rise from the dead and when they do-and we can hope can’t we-they will take that shovel from C.C. and they can. . . and take that shovel and. . . well I can’t say because children might be reading this. But maybe next time we can bury ol C.C.


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