The Haunting of the Seattle Mariners

Monday night Ichiro Suzuki played his first game with the New York Yankees. It came against his team from the previous day, the team he played for since 2001, the Seattle Mariners. He singled in his first at bat and stole second base.

Benedict Arnold

Benedict Arnold (Photo credit: Marion Doss)

Though I wish him well, I could not help but feel he was Benedict Arnold. A Yankee uniform! I did not want him to beat my team, his real team, the Mariners. Beat someone else. What are you doing trying to beat the team you played for all season-in front of your fans. Where is you loyalty? Those guys are your buddies. Don’t let the name Yankees fool you-they are redcoat torries.

He did make the final putout of the game as the Mariners fell 4-1, but it was ex-Mariners who haunted the good ship Mariner. Alex (AFraud) Rodriquez doubled, homered, and scored two runs. Raul Ibanez had an rbi double, and Rafael Soriano closed out the game for his 25th save.

Ex-Mariners haunted Safeco Field and spooked the M’s. They were responsible for the win. Thanks Alex. Thanks Raul. Thanks Rafael.

And tonight, Tuesday, another ex-Mariner takes the mound in Freddy Garcia. It could be another night of the M’s getting haunted by players from Mariner Past. But the M’s could also seek revenge on these ghosts and send Garcia back to the crypt.

The Mariners are not the only team with ex-players on the roster of opponents; it is just that Mariner ghosts, which are plentiful, always seem to beat the M’s. The list is too long for this column. It deserves its own installment. I could mention Adam Jones, Mike Morse, Asdrubal Cabrera , Shin-Soo Choo, David Ortiz (Mariner minor leaguer), and Doug Fister, just to rattle off a few names from the top of my M’s cap. But I won’t.

It is time for the Mariners to take charge and go after these poltergeists. You know who you’re gonna call. Ghostbusters!


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