Phil Humber under Mariner’s gypsy curse

Phil Humber of the White Sox pitched a perfect game against the Seattle Mariners in his second start of the season, April 21. Naturally it happened at Safeco Field where the Mariners score as often as Hugh Hefner in the Sahara desert.

Philip Humber

Philip Humber (Photo credit: Keith Allison)

But the Mariners have gotten revenge due to a mystical curse that has plagued Humber ever since and shows no sign of ending.

Since that improbable game in Seattle, Humber has won four and lost six, which is not too bad, except one win came when he pitched five innings June 16 vs. the Dodgers and gave up four runs, and another win vs. Minnesota with similar results. But what is really telling is that in 53 innings over ten starts, averaging a woeful five innings per start, his earned run average is 7.47, having given up 44 earned runs in those 53 innings.

Usually those kind of numbers would send that pitcher to the minors, the bullpen, or a big doghouse. Yet Humber has remained in the rotation. Chances are the reason he stays in the rotation has something to do with the curse he is under.

No one has taken credit for the curse. But somebody, or perhaps some group, an association of some kind, must have done something. How else does a pitcher go from perfect-even if it was against the M’s in Seattle.

There are unsubstantiated rumors that because my ancestors may have been gypsys, that I may be the cause of the curse.  Just because I have no permanent home, travel from country to country, and frequently curse, does not mean I am the cause.

Now I may have uttered some phrase after his perfect game, something along the lines of, “You lucky bum, you won’t pitch another good game like that for the rest of your career, you bleeping bleeper.” 

A perfectly sensible remark, one any non White Sox fan could have made, even without gypsy blood.  Of course, in the fairness of full disclosure, I did ruin the career of Mariner phenom Ryan Anderson and former major leaguer Oddibe McDowell.

But that is for another day.  


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