Forget it Jake, it’s only Chinatown

At the end of the classic Roman Polanski film “Chinatown” Jake Gittes (Jack Nicholson) is led away by his partner who says after all has gone wrong, “Forget it Jake, its only Chinatown. “

Cover of "Chinatown"

Cover of Chinatown

It was the perfect line for the movie and for the era. The line summed up the feelings of despair and disillusionment for what happened in the movie and the 60’s generation.

What does that have to do with the Seattle sports scene? Read on.

The Seattle Mariners are in their 36th year of existence and only eleven years has the team played over .500, going to the postseason a mere four times.

The Seattle Seahawks have played 36 years, have made the playoffs in 11 years, went to the Super Bowl once, but lost because of horrid, diabolical officiating which was so bad, that years later one of the game officals apologized to the Seahawks. Thanks for nothing. Their franchise record is 269-295. Below .500.

The final logo of the SuperSonics

The final logo of the SuperSonics (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

But the Seattle Supersonics in 41 years were 1745-1585, a winning percentage of .524. They played over .500 in 25 of the 41 years and made the playoffs 22 times, winning the NBA championship in the 1978-79 season.

A winning franchise. But, then Seattle mayor, Greg Nichols sold out the team and the Sonic fans to carpetbaggers Clay Bennett and Donald Stern, who slam dunked the city of Seattle and fast breaked the team to the Oklahoma dustbowl.

Perhaps Seattle is a basketball city. The Seattle storm in their 13th year have a winning percentage of .536, been to the playoffs in 10 seasons and won two championships.

No offense, but they are girls.

English: Jack Nicholson signing autographs at ...

English: Jack Nicholson signing autographs at a ceremony for Dennis Hopper to receive a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

As far as mens professional sports-and I don’t count soccer-that is not a sport, but a European ritual of some kind-the Sonics, Seahawks, and Mariners have played a combined 112 years with one title.

In the city of frustration and despair, where all goes wrong, will always go wrong, all I can say is, “Forget it Jake, it’s only Seattle.”


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