What is the truth of Mariner trade rumors

 Players on the Mariner trading block vary, depending on whose column you are reading, or what television network, station, or radio program you are listening to.

Rumors (Timex Social Club song)

Rumors (Timex Social Club song) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

First, forget King Felix. The Mariners, who have made some awful trades are not that dumb. It will not happen. That rumor was started by one or two national baseball writers. Something to fill a column,  nothing more.

 In one column you read Justin Vargas, Kevin Millwoood, and Brandan League could  be traded. But they are not mentioned in another column. One source says Brendan Ryan, considered to be the best defensive shortstop in the game, and catcher Miguel Olivo are on the block, but NOT Chone Figgins, who appears in other columns.

Seattle Mariners shortstop Brendan Ryan (26)

Seattle Mariners shortstop Brendan Ryan (26) (Photo credit: Keith Allison)

What do we make out of all this?

Nothing. It is hot stove talk, where men sit around the stove in a country store, and chew the fat. Before long, nearly all the players are believed to be traded. Many trades sound good, but nearly all are remote and unlikely. The operable word is ‘could’ because it is an out for the one writing or speaking. Of course anyone ‘could’ be traded. The Mayans ‘could’ be correct about the apocalypse this December too.

Of course the Mariners should trade Chone Figgins. But who will take him and for what? The Blue Jays, Angels, and two other teams have popped up, yet , someone else says he will not be traded.

What the Mariners don’t need is prospects. They have those and none, other than Kyle Seager, are doing anything. Seager is second in the majors in two out rbi’s. The clutch hitter has 29 of his 52 coming with two outs. And that is with a slumping batting average.

I would not be surprised to see one starting pitcher traded, nor surprised to see League going somewhere, even Olivo, because he can throw out base stealers.

What the Mariners are unlikely to do is make a big splash. It is also likely one or two young guys may be sent to Tacoma to ‘work on things.’

"No room for rumors" - NARA - 515079

“No room for rumors” – NARA – 515079 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

No matter what happens, the Mariners are destined for last place. But they do need to shake things up a bit. I hate soccer because, among other things, no one scores. The Mariner offense is becoming like a soccer team, and that is dull. 


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