Jose Vidro should be Mariner legend and inspiration

Why, you ask, should Jose Vidro be a Mariner legend and inspiration?

Well, maybe not a legend, but certainly an inspiration. In 2007, Vidro,  playing mostly at DH, and one without any power, hit .314. He is the last Seattle Mariner, other than Ichiro to hit over .300 in a season.


At Safeco Field he hit .330! Can you imagine that? For two years, talking heads in Seattle radio, as well as baseball beat writers, have suggested moving the fences in, that it is too hard to get hits.

People’s memories are short.  Or perhaps they have long term memory loss. Ichiro hit .365 at Safeco in 2007, but that was before age caught up to him in 2011.


In 2007  Yuniesky Bettancourt hit .295 at the Safe; Bloomquist .293. In fact most of the team hit in the .270’s. Adrian Beltre hit .264 and he was one of the lower average hitters.

Safeco Field

Safeco Field (Photo credit: camknows)

Safeco Field, up until last season was considered an average park for hitting and pitching, one of the fairest. But the new kids on the block may have been rushed. Or maybe they were overrated. Or maybe they are in a learning curve. Maybe it is all in their heads. Maybe they will get better.

But it does not matter. They should all look to Vidro, the man who hit .330 at the Safe. Eric Wedge should print out past Vidro stats at the park, in fact other hitters numbers at the park, show them to the new kids and say, “You see boys, it can be done.” Then point to a large Fathead full life poster-if not statue-of Jose,  and say “If Jose can do it, so can you.”

Wedge can watch the Knute Rockne biopic and learn from Pat O’Brein how to give an inspiring locker room speech. Or bring in Jose. Make him batting coach.

Am I the only one who can find answers to Mariner woes? They should hire me.





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