Noesi takes bus, Peguero takes plane, Mariners take boat

To no one’s surprise Hector Noesi with his 2-11 record and 5.77 ERA has taken the bus to Tacoma. At the rate he is going he would be a twenty game loser.

In 97 innings he has allowed only 94 hits. Not bad, but the problem is 20 of those hits are home runs. That accounts for the high ERA. At Safeco Field he has pitched 49 innings and 10 of his 42 hits have left the yard. That is 10 home runs in 49 innings at Safeco Field, a ballpark that has no jet stream, a ball park whose dense, cold air, freeze dries fly balls in flight, a ball park where home runs are as rare as a Republican endorsement of Obama’s health care reform.

Seattle Mariners right fielder Carlos Peguero (8)

Seattle Mariners right fielder Carlos Peguero (8) (Photo credit: Keith Allison)

The timing is good because they only need three starters in Oakland before the All-Star game. So while Hector is on the greyhound express, Carlos Peguero is taken the Mariner charter to Oakland. And he is hot. In the last 5 games with Tacoma, he has 6 home runs and 12 rbis, with a grand slam on the fourth of July.

Richie Sexson

Richie Sexson (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

He hit only .196 in 2012 with the Mariners in 143 at bats and belted 6 homers. He has the power to hit 40 bombs a season in a normal park. Remember Richie Sexson? He hit 39 at the Safe, so it can be done.

Peguero’s big problem is contact. When he hits the ball, it goes a mile, but he strikes out a lot. He whiffs at a Mark Reynolds, Adam Dunn, Russell Branyan pace. If fans can tolerate his strikeouts, when he gets hot he can carry a team, as he has done in Tacoma.

How long he remains with Seattle will be based on how well he does. I hope he gets as many chances as Justin Smoak, who is a bust so far. Last season he had his father’s death, and a couple of injuries to deal with. This season he has no excuse.

It has been discussed that when Mike Carp finishes his rehab, he will be given a shot at first base. He has not hit well either, but he has injuries to deal with. The Mariners keep hoping Smoak will hit, that he will justify the trade of Cliff Lee. That is why he continues to be in the lineup.  He has been given the opportunity, and for s brief time last month he showed signs, his average climbed, but now it has fallen like a lead rock in the ocean.

So the good ship Mariner sails on and roster moves are not done.


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