M’s take 2 of 3 from Twins; what’s next for Ramirez

I wrote before the series that the Mariners needed to win two of three against the Twins. After Friday nights loss in which the M’s looked awful, that appeared to be remote, but Felix FINALLY got run support in his 7-0 win Saturday in his one hit outing.

On Sunday Hector Noesi gave up a homer to Mose Lake, Washington, native, Ryan Doumit in his 7 innings of work  and the M’s rolled 5-2.

Ackley did well in the leadoff spot and the new numbers 3-4-5 hitters look stong. Ichro is hitting .298 in the third spot-though I am not convinced he is a three hitter. And Montero is .287 in the 4th spot and the red-hot Kyle Seager is .298 in the 5th spot.

Erasmo Ramirez

Erasmo Ramirez (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

In a player move Erasmo Ramirez was sent to Tacoma. It was not for his performance. He had a 2.45 in 11 innings of  relief work. The Mariners said they want to stretch him out as a starter in case the Mariners need an emergency starter .

But that sounds like a smoke screen. A long reliever can be used should that situation arises. It seems more likely he may replace somebody in the rotation at some point in time. It will not be Felix or Jason Vargas.

Of the other three starters, Beaven is 1-3, 4.45; Millwood is 0-3, 5.54; and Noesi is 2-3, 6.30

Beaven rarely walks a batter and he is young. So it may be Millwood, who at 37, is holding down a spot on a temporary basis. It could also be Noesi, who has either been outstanding as in Sunday’s win, or awful. There has been little in between. But he too is young.

So Ramirez will work his way into a starter in Tacoma. He has been a starter in the minors, so it is not unfamiliar. If for some reason he is not ready, there is Danny Hultzen, 2.35 and 34 strikeouts in 30 innings, or Jimmy Paxton 3-0, 2.86 and 36 strikeouts in 29 innings, at Jackson.


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