Why the Mariners need to win big this weekend

Going 4-6 on a road trip is not that bad, at least for the Mariners. The problem is they won the first four, but lost the last six. The last four losses in Tampa came by 3-2, 3-1, 5-4, and 4-3 scores, tough losses, all of them.

It is tough to win when as a team you go thirty consecutive at bats with runners in scoring position and fail to get a hit. That is how you lose close ballgames.

Press box at Seattle's Safeco Field. Taken bef...

Press box at Seattle’s Safeco Field. Taken before the Seattle Mariners played the Cleveland Indians, 24 July 2009. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The Mariners come home for three weekend games against Minnesota and they need to win at least two, but getting a nice new broom to sweep the Twins out of town is preferred. 

The first Mariner  homestand saw them lose six of nine, not something that will bring fans to the ballpark. The homestand drew an average 20, 654 loyal fans.

Forget the phrase, ‘build it and they will come.’  They built it,  they came-because they were winning. The Mariners need to win at home to begin bringing fans back to overpriced beer and hotdogs. 

They also need to win big against the Twins to break the losing streak. I would add the cliché that they also need to win to get back on track, but I don’t know what track they are on.  Wedge is still looking for the right lineup, still looking for players, like Figgins, Smoak, Ryan, to mention three, to start hitting. Wedge has, in truth, been looking for the right lineup for a year and a month.

Another reason to beat the Twins is that the Tigers are coming to town after the Twins. Seattle may have swept them in Detroit-they also swept them in Motown last season, but the Tigers will want some payback.



safeco-02 (Photo credit: mr_crash_davis)

The Mariners are now 11-16, so a losing homestand prior to a ten game road trip beginning in New York with three, then two in Boston and Cleveland, and three in Colorado, could, even in May, sink the good ship Mariner. The will be facing some good hitting lineups. It is time for the Mariner hitters to start making some noise. If they don’t, there will not be much noise in Safeco this summer.


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