Carp in for Mariners, Olivo out.

In my previous blog I wrote that Mike Carp had to be coming back as his rehab in Tacoma was coming to the end of his twenty day limit. I wrote about the option the Mariners had about who would go down.

Sometimes things work themselves out and in this case it did when Miquel Olivo went on the disabled list with a groin injury. That means that Montero will catch and Carp will most likely DH. That works for the short-term, and if both thrive, the term will be extended.

It is bad for Olivo, because he was starting to hit the ball. He said he was having trouble early in the season seeing the ball. How does a player have trouble seeing the ball anyway?  But it is something many hitters complain about from time to time.

It is a good sign for Montero  because he is 9 for 20 with three home runs when he is catching. So the sampling shows he hits better when catching. His number when he is DH are not so good.


Carp (Photo credit: Lebatihem)

Another question arises because Carp can also play left field and first base. He is needed at either spot. Justin Smoak is batting .200. He must pick it up or eventually lose his job to Carp. Figgins in left is batting .209. Same old story with Chone. If Carp gets his swing back, he will force changes to be made.

The good news regarding the Mariner hitting problems is that, despite being 22nd out of 30 in hitting at .238 and 28th out of 30 in on base percentage at .288 they are 13th in runs scored. Runs win games, not hits, and the Mariner’s  are making the most of their limited opportunities.

So for the Mariner fans still onboard the good ship Mariner, they are looking to see Carp add a spark to the lineup. Hitting, it is said, is contagious. Maybe Carp’s bat  has the bacteria that can instigate the virus through the Mariner bat rack.


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