Carp is returning, which Mariners is leaving

Mike Carp sprained his shoulder in Japan after playing one game. He went on the DL and has been rehabing in Tacoma where he is hitting .149. A player only has 20 days of rehab and his 20 days are up Thursday.

Mike Carp

Mike Carp (Photo credit: janegphotography)

A player move will have to be made for Carp and the mostly likely to go is Iwakuma, who has only pitched in two games.  If he is sent down the Mariners have 11 pitchers and pitching in only two games indicates Iwakuma is not needed. What he needs is more work.

Where will Carp play is the big question.  He could play first base where Justin Smoak is struggling, hitting only .187. Since they traded Cliff Lee for Smoak, the Mariners will give Justin more chances than Milton Bradley had teams to show it was a good trade.

Carp can also play left field. Once again the Mariners will give Chone Figgins every opportunity because of his salary. But a .225 hitting left fielder with two home runs is a liability. They could move Figgins to third, but Kyle Seager is hitting .279 and Alex Liddi is batting .297. Both have more power than Figgins.

Montero is primary DH until they ease him more into catching, so DH  is not likely for Carp.

Iwakuma at 2009 WBC

Iwakuma at 2009 WBC (Photo credit: Daigo)

Erid Wedge has been juggling players, mixing and matching depending on who is hot and who is pitching against Seattle, trying to keep everyone fresh. With Carp back, if Iwakuma is sent down, the juggling act will get harder.

Another problem is the bullpen that has allowed two big innings to Toronto in back to back games. Iwakuma gave up four runs in the 8th Saturday.And Sunday, Delabar and Furbush gave up five runs, once again in the 8th. With George Sherrill, a lefty, now out for the season with elbow surgery, they need another lefty if Furbush struggles.

And what to do with Noesi, who in four starts  has an 8.83 ERA. Does he go to bullpen with Ramirez getting a start?

Manager Eric Wedge has a lot of decisions to make We will see what shakes out later this week.


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