It is about to get worse for Seattle Mariners

The Mariners have concluded their first home stand. It was a disaster and it will get worse the next two weeks.

They went 3-6 at home, including an ugly home opener that saw 46 thousand pumped up fans witness a disapointing 4-0 shutout loss to Oakland.  On Ichiro bobblehead night when they were giving away 20, 000 little Ichiros, they drew 19, 947. Have they ever had left over bobbleheads? For Ichiro?

Seattle Mariners right fielder Ichiro Suzuki (51)

Seattle Mariners right fielder Ichiro Suzuki (51) (Photo credit: Keith Allison)

And of course Phil Humber pitched a perfect game against imperfect hitters. The home stand did nothing to help the hitters, as the team batting average dropped to .223. The fans have stayed away as attendence for the nine games averaged 20, 654.

Yes the kids are in school, yes gas prices are high, but excuses will not suffice. I believe there is a growing segment of the fan base that are becoming disenchanted.  It looks early in the season much like the last two years. Fans are saying they have seen this show before.

And it will get worse as Seattle embarks on a 10 game road trip, playing three with Detroit and  Toronto, and finishing with a four game series in Tampa Bay. The trip begins Tuesday and there are no off-days.

Then Seattle comes home for a short six game series with Minnesota and Detroit, then hit the road to New York, Boston, Cleveland, and Colorado.

Sometime in May Mariner fans will once again say, “Wait til next year.”  To this point they are 7-10, but what is lost is that they are 5-2 against Oakland, which is like winning an intra-squad game. Against the rest of the league the M’s are 2-9 and they are now playing the rest of the league.

Pats vs. Seahawks - 12/7/08

Pats vs. Seahawks - 12/7/08 (Photo credit: sethhenry1)

When is that first pre-season game for the Seahawks anyway?



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