Numbers Say Mariners In World Series

The numbers are not in alignment for the Seattle Mariners to get to the World Series this year, but they do indicate that is where they are heading, perhaps in three to five years.

The numbers have nothing to do with batting averages, earned run averages; no sabremetrics, no magic formula. The numbers are one of age.

Erasmo Ramirez

Image via Wikipedia

 Consider the Mariners top four pitching prospects. The numbers are: Danny Hultzen  23, James Paxton 23, Taijuan Walker 19, Erasmo Ramirez (right) 21.  All are considered major league caliber pitchers. And the numbers of course reflect their age. Ramirez is still in the mix for a starting spot, while the other three have been returned to the minor league camp.        

 It is not out of the question to see Hultzen and Paxton make their debut at some point this season. If injuries do not derail, these four have the chance to rival the Braves famed rotation of Maddux, Smoltz, and Glavine.

But that is not all.

Justin Smoak is 25, Dustin Ackley 24, Kyle Seager 24, Alex Liddi 23, Francisco Martinez 21, Carlos Triunfel 22, Nick Franklin 21.  That is just the infield.

The outfield has Mike Carp 25, Casper Wells 25, Carlos Peguero ( below) 25, Trayvon Robinson 24, Michael Sauners (whom I have no faith in) 25, and Vinnie Catricala 23.

English: Carlos Peguero in 2007.

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Of course not all will pan out. Injuries, trades, and of course failure of performance will thin out the herd. But consider that many of the above are playing now and most will get better.

The point is in three to five years they will hit their athletic peak and the Rangers and Angels, the Mariners current rivals , who are doing what they can to win now, will have gotten older, and the American League West teams to fear will be the Mariners and Oakland A’s , both of whom are going younger, looking to the future.

The Mariners have the right plan. They have the right players for the future. They are like a vulture, waiting to pick the bones of the Angels and Rangers. The wait will be worth it.


One comment

  1. mlwestman

    I like the optimism. At the same time, Oakland’s history shows that, in a few years, they will have traded their developing players for new prospects. Anaheim’s history suggests that they will be able to spend their way to contention, even as they start to age. Texas, the same.

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