Was Mariners GM A Former Spy?

Spies are good at keeping secrets, they have to be. They move behind the scenes in a shadowy world gathering intelligence and before they make a move, they make sure they have all their bases covered. 

The Mariners front office under Trader Jack Zduriencik has become adept at surprises. You hear rumors about trades, free agent signings, and potential draft picks, as often as you hear about a comeback by Elvis. 

English: Seattle Mariners GM Jack Zduriencik a...

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Trader Jack has the ability to lead, preside, govern, rule, call it what you will, without leaks, barely a drip coming from the rumor tap. Who saw the Michael Pineda-Jesus Montero trade coming? 

It is true he has tried to cover all his bases before making a move and the moves have not all panned out. Chone Figgins had a proven track record, but he has strayed far off course. His batting average dropped liked the stock market crash in the late 20’s and sent Mariner fans into their own depression. 

Jack Cust? I don’t even want to think about that. Trader Jack must have stumbled out of bed with a nasty head cold complicated by food poisoning, strep throat, and a hangover on the day he signed Cust. Maybe he just liked the name. 

I am sure Trader Jack is hampered by a budget from his higher-ups. I am also sure Nintendo has the money; they just don’t want to spend it. 

But I like the quiet, unassuming manner of Trader Jack, how he goes about his business out of the eye of the media, working behind the scenes, lurking in shadows, and then springing a surprise. He has done that since he has been in Seattle. 

Since Prince Fielder has left Hopstown for Motown there are no free agents left likely to make an impact in Seattle or anywhere in the baseball world. So it appears-unless Jack throws a surprising trade-that there will be no more additions to the crew before the team sets sail for their next cruise into the American League

But no matter are placid the waters though, you never know what Trader Jack is up to. Men with secrets are like that.






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