If not Prince Fielder for Mariners, then who


Rumors and rumors of rumors, all orchestrated by puppet master Scott Boras, the prince of agents, makes any scenario believable as to where Prince Fielder  will land.  But if Prince does not make Seattle a port of call, then who can the Mariners get, if anyone?


The Mariners had an off-season shopping list. One was a left-handed reliever. They signed former Mariner George Sherill to help fill that void. Some work still needs to be done there. They also traded for John Jaso a catcher to platoon with Miquel Olivo.

They wanted another starting pitcher and signed Japanese pitcher Hisashi Iwakuma, a star until injuries took a few miles off his fastball. The jury is out. They also wanted a back up shortstop and turned to Japan-where else-to Munerori Kawasaki, a good field no-hit reputation to a minor league contract.

Hisashi Iwakuma World Baseball Classic - Tokyo Day 5


They signed Aaron Heilman, a mediocre reliever at best,  to a minor league contract.

They all have in common one thing. You don’t know what you are getting and the price is cheap.

Either the Mariners are saving money to make run at Prince Fielderor they are just cheap. And if they do not sign him, there is not much left in the free agent market.

If looking for an outfielder, there is 34-year-old Juan Pierre, an excellent lead-off hitter who steals bases; Ichiro can drop to third in order. The only problem is  another player without power.

 That word “rumor” says the Mariners are interested in DH Johnny Damon, a 38-year-old hitter with moderate power. Why?

The best of the rest are pitchers like Edwin Jackson, Roy Oswalt, Joe Saunders, Javier Vasquez, or Bartolo Colon.

In other words not much out there who can help the Mariners other than the Prince. And if they do not sign him and do not make a major trade, it will be more of the same. Another 65-70 win season. Another season of dwindling attendance. Another season with little to no offense. It  would be like watching the third entry in a horror franchise movie. We have seen it all before; and the first one wasn’t that good.


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