Were Mariners Flirting In Dallas

The Mariners came away empty-handed from the recent winter meetings in Dallas. In fact most clubs did. That is not a failure however.

Winter meetings once meant a time and place where you made a bunch of trades, now it is more like speed dating.You go hoping to score, but come away with phone numbers.

English: Syracuse postcard - 1913

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General Managers take quick meetings with each other and with player agents, trying to gauge interest. Each side probing for information without giving up anything concrete, just flirting, teasing; all the while trying not to make too much eye contact so as not to look like a creep. Each side analyzing the other’s comments, looking for clues, reading between the lines, they wonder if  this is going to be a good fit.

A GM may think this person would be short-term, someone to fill a need until someone better comes along. Then there is the serious flirt where a GM wonders if something long-term can be worked out like a 10 year contract for Prince Fielder. He is definitely the hot guy at the party.

Cropped version of Prince Fielder (929557698).jpg

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Trader Jack has come home from the winter speed dating, no doubt dizzy from all those he met. It is time to go over those phone numbers and instead of flirting, make sober choices, ones that will make a good fit, short or long-term.

And of course doing so within your budget, not wanting to overspend, not wanting to mortgage the house, not wanting to have your credit card taken away. There are only so many diamonds to toss around at the pretty girls you see.

Now we who sit on the sidelines can only sit and wait, wondering if Trader Jack is going to throw a big kiss to Prince Fielder, wooing him to Jack’s house at Safeco, where the Prince will meet the King.


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