Jaso Trade Indicates Mariners Philosophy

The recent acquistion of 28-year old catcher John Jaso from Tampa Bay for relief pitcher Josh Lueke illustrates the Mariners philosophy of putting together a seafaring crew.

John Jaso

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Jaso, a left handed hitter, is a player who had an off year, one they hope will bounce back. He  most likely will platoon with Miquel Olivo. Jaso is another role player to fit around the young stars, like Dustin Ackley, Mike Carp, Treyvon Robinson, Carlos Peguero, and Alex Liddi.

Last year Trader Jack signed Jack Cust who had an off year hoping he would bounce back in 2011.  Cust didn’t bounce. Time will tell whether Jaso, who hit .224 last season can rebound. But look at rosters for players in their late twenties or early thirties who had an off year and can fill a need and they may be a future Mariner.

But wait! A rumor heading into the winter meetings where players are swapped like kids trading baseball cards  is that the Mariners are interested in Colorado outfielder Seth Smith. He was not in a down year, hitting .284 with 15 home runs, but a luke warm 59 rbi’s. The question is who the Mariners would part with to obtain Smith; that and what that means to Robinson and Peguero’s playing time.

But the Jaso trade does indicate the Mariners will probably not make a big splash. If a team is going to give up a star player, the trading team usually look for young stars on the rise in return and the Mariners are unlikely to part with their building blocks. They have said in the past they want to build from within, to keep their young talent.

I expect the Mariners to do what they did last year. Fill holes like getting Jaso for a catching platoon.

But the Mariners need to do something to gain back the dwinding attendance and fan base. Winning 65 to 70 wins each year is unacceptable.

The Mariners need a crew slightly better than the one on the Titanic. “Hey is that an iceberg?”  Fans don’t want the good ship Mariner to sink. Get us a good crew Trader Jack.

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