Web Sites For Baseball Fans

The World Series is over and the baseball season is officially in the books, but if you need an offseason fix there are some baseball web sites worth exploring. They give you an opportunity to increase your baseball acumen, dig into history, and have fun.

One is Baseball Almanac. http://www.baseball-almanac.com/# This site has just about everything. History, post season, opening days, college, umpires, teams, yearly stats and info, famous feats, fabulous feats, grave sites of players ( known and unknown), Hall of Fame, humor, fun and games. Click the link and explore. It’s a great site.

Another great site, especially if you love going through box scores of long gone years, is Retrosheet http://www.retrosheet.org/ Besides box scores of regular season, they have post season and all-star game box scores. They also have data downloads, schedules, info on umpires, players, coaches, ball park info, birth and death directory by state and countries of baseball players.

And if you want gravesite info along with pictures and other dead stuff try http://www.thedeadballera.com/. This is the site where I learned what players were buried near where I live. I was surprised at who I found. You learn who was murdered, who were suicides, and much more. Well worth exploring. They also have a book-I own a copy and it is fascinating- called Bury My Heart at Cooperstown. The site is created and maintained by Frank Russo, a member of Sabr.

Gravesite of Babe Ruth

Speaking of which http://sabr.org/ is the link for Society for American Baseball Research. Enough said.

Since this blog is about the Seattle Mariners, we do not want to forget the 1969 Pilots- a much better nickname than Mariners to my taste. A great site for Pilot history, lore and fun is http://seattlepilots.com/. It has history, stats, box scores, images, info on Sicks Stadium, pictures, some radio clips, and of course, much more.

I was here many times. It now lives in memory.

If you are a serious fan then you want to see http://web.minorleaguebaseball.com/index.jsp for all the stats of players on the rise or fall in the minor leagues, the leagues, the players, the full coverage.

These are only a few. If  you have a favorite site, let me know and I will share it in a future blog.


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