Mariner Season Not Over; Check Out The AFL

If you are watching the World Series you have seen the Cardinals Marc Rzepczynski pitch. You may not be able to pronounce his name, but you are aware of him.

This is Mark.

I bring his name up because one year ago at this time he was pitching in the Arizona Fall League,  an elite league of the top prospects of each organization. is a link to the Arizona Fall League.

Each team sends six prospects to the league, players considered A level or above. Most  of these players end up on major league rosters within a year or two. 

The Mariners may not be in the World Series next season, but they do have their number one draft pick, left-handed pitcher Danny Hultzen, playing for Peoria. He recently pitched four innings of not hit ball against Phoenix.

Another future arm to go with Hernandez and Pineda

Since he was a number one pick out of college he will have a chance to make the Mariner rotation next spring.

And future shortstop Nick Franklin is also playing in the AFL. Brendan Ryan has one year left on his contract and while  Franklin, like 18 Mariner rookies in 2011, may seem some action in 2012, he could be one year away from claiming the spot as his.

Also playing for Peoria is catcher Adam Moore, who was to back up Miquel Olivo in 2011, but  had a season ending injury before you could sing the opening day National Anthem

 So the Mariner season is not over, there are still games being played, ones by future Mariners, ones we will see at Safeco.

Seattle’s Field of Dreams.

If you need a baseball fix over the winter, click the above link to the Arizona Fall league and explore the site, the schedule, standings, the stats, the players.

It can only improve your knowledge next season when some of these players begin to make an impact on the present, not the future. The you will know the next Marc Rzepczynski.


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