Why I Hate Baseball’s Post Season

I love baseball, but not the post season.

It has nothing to do with the romantic notion that in spring every team is even and has a chance to play in the World Series. Technically we know that to be true. Realistically we know there are teams that will never make it, not this year, nor for many years to come. That list is extensive. 

I love baseball during the season because there are 30 teams and each team has many ongoing stories unfolding. A team is like a book of short stories, or perhaps an epic novel, that you can read during the summer at the beach. Since there are 30 teams, that is a lot of reading. 

Consider the story of Milton Bradley, his weird behavior, his inability to hit, his domestic violence incidents. Will the Mariners cut him? 

Or Michael Pineda, the new kid on the block. Will he live up to his promise, or will he flounder like a beached whale? 

During the season every team has moments of tragedy, comedy, and drama. There is always something happening. If not on your team, there are 29 other teams that have something going on at that moment that peaks curiosity. No matter who your favorite teams is, you can still browse other stories in other books. 

It is not about winning or losing, but the rhythms of the game, which like a good story, captivates, keeps you riveted,  wondering what each new day, like a new chapter, will bring. 

It is always fun to share reading too!

But when post season arrives, the stories are few. 

It is also like coming to the end of a really good book. You want to find out how it ends, but you hate the idea it will be over. It was a great read, and it was the reading that you loved, the ending is just that, the end. 

I don’t like endings, I like beginnings. I want Spring Training. I want a new book to read.


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