Mariner Trade Rumors

Giants pitcher Barry Zito.

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Trade rumors during the off-season roll in and out like the tide. Surprisingly the first Mariner rumors surround Chone Figgins. I use the plural ‘rumors’ because he has been mentioned twice.

Didn’t Chone hit in the .180’s ? Was not his defense less than stellar ?

One rumor has the Colorado Rockies interested in Chone to play third base. The Mariners would have to pay part, if not all, of Chone’s contract and it was not mentioned who would join the good ship Mariner from the Rockies.

Another rumor had the San Francisco Giants trading left-handed pitcher Barry Zito to Seattle for Chone. This is a case of the Giants unhappy with Zito’s big contract.

This sort of trade reminds me of the Milton Bradley for Carlos Silva trade the Mariners made with Chicago. Each team trading a disappointing player for another.

In this case it is unhappy contracts. I question this rumor as the Giants have Pablo Sandoval at third, but they may want Chone at second if they are unhappy with Freddy Sanchez and Jeff Keppinger.

Who will be packing their bags ?

I would say make any deal you can, even if the Mariners have to eat Chone’s contract. Kyle Seager and Alex Liddi can man third.  Getting anything in return for Chone is a bonus.

I don’t know, nor does anyone where the rumors originate. They just show up. There may be truth behind them, they may be a test balloon, they may be nonsense. But rumors keep the baseball mind active during the pigskin season.

Some trade rumors are for the birds

The holiday season is coming, meaning Halloween candy, Thanksgiving turkey, then that fowl bird again at Christmas. Not my type of food. I want hot dogs and cracker jacks, sitting in the sun looking at girls in shorts between innings.

Until then we have rumors.


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