Mariners Should Clone Lou Piniella

Going by the numbers Seattle is a basketball town.

The Storm of the WNBA is the most successful franchise in Seattle team sports with a .539 winning percentage and two titles. Before the Sonics were hijacked by Scrooge Stern they had a .524 winning percentage and one title.

The Seahawks got to a Super Bowl but thanks to officials from the Twilight Zone they lost. The franchise winning percentage for the Seahawks is .477.

That leaves the sailors of the good ship Mariner.

In the fifteenth year of existence the Mariners had their first winning record. Yes, the 15th season in 1991!

The Mariners actually won 116 games- in one season, not two. That was 2001. It was one of five seasons they won over 90 games. Six times they won between 80-89 games. Nine times they won between  70-79. Ten times with wins between 60-69 and two seasons of 50+ seasons.

Twice they won in the forties, but those were strike shortened years.  Discounting these two years they have won 70 games or less 21 of 32 years.

And as we all know they have never played in a World Series.

Now in their 35th year of play they have had eleven winning seasons. And seven of those years came with Sweet Lou Piniella at the helm.

The Mariners franchise winning percentage is .467. Take away the Piniella years their percentage drops to .438. Without Lou they average 70 wins per season. With Lou they averaged 88 wins. 

Despite winning a title with Cincinnati, Lou had his best record with Seattle. As manager of the Yankees he won at a .537 clip; with the Reds .525; the Chicago Cubs .519; with Tampa Bay-well some things should remain unsaid. But managing the Mariners  his percentage was .542.

Since Lou is unlikely to manage anywhere again, we need to lobby for cloning. If Lou is willing the Mariners could go sub rosa covert cloning. No one needs to know.

                      Here is the plan

It may take time for Lou the 2nd to mature, ripen, and come of age, but when it is considered how many losing seasons the Mariners have had, Lou the 2nd would be worth the wait.


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