Mariners Magic Number And The Delabar Effect

The Mariners have twenty games left. In order to prevent a 100 loss season they must win four more games. That is their magic number.

It may sound easy enough, but remember this is a team that lost 17 straight games. Unlikely though it seems, nothing is guaranteed, anything is possible, so root, root, root for the home team. 

A player to root for is Steve Delabar, a 28 year old rookie pitcher. In case you missed it, his story is one they make movies-of-the-week about, the kind to inspire the rest of us mortals.

When the Mariners were in spring training, Steve was working as a part time teacher in Kentucky and coaching high school baseball.

Once upon a time he was in the Padres organization, but going nowhere. He was pitching in an independent league when he fractured his elbow. The kind of fracture that sends young kids home to become high school coaches and teachers.

His elbow was held together by a plate and nine screws. It looked like slo-pitch was his future, which is the type of baseball he was playing to stay active.

A scout called the Mariners and told them about Steve and his screwy arm. The Mariners, who many think have a screw loose anyway, thought he would be a good fit, so gave him a shot.

Starting in A-ball, he quickly impressed and rose through the system, getting to Tacoma where he pitched thirteen innings, striking out eighteen with an ERA of 0.69.

Now he is in his field of dreams playing for the Mariners.

Another rookie, Alex Liddi, is the first player born nd raised in Italy to play in the majors.  There is no stone left unturned for the Mariners in search of players, from  a pitcher with nine screws in his arm to Italy, they are on the lookout for talent.

So begin the chant with me. Four more wins! Four more wins! Four more wins!


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