Do You Know Ammon Spiller’s Connection To M’s

The Mariner Moose made his debut in the Kingdome April 13, 1990. No, Ammon Spiller was not the first moose. But he did name the moose in a contest held by the Mariners. He was a fifth grader at the time. As we all know, the Mariners are all about the kids and the contest was open only to those under 14.

In his winning entry Ammon wrote, “I chose the moose because they are funny, neat, and friendly. The moose would show the Mariners enjoy playing and that they still have a few tricks up their sleeve. It shows they’re having fun no matter what the situation.”

Okay he was in the fifth grade and maybe to a young kid a moose is funny. Maybe he was thinking of Bullwinkle, friend of Rocky the flying squirrel.

I don’t know enough about moose or mooses to evaluate their neatness or friendliness; nor do I know how a moose would show the Mariners have tricks up their sleeves. But I do know a moose is solitary, which is why the Mariner moose has no other moose friends. They do not travel in herds.

The moose has been entertaining, some years more than the team. He is no San Diego chicken, no Philly Phanatic, though he is certainly one of the best mascots in baseball.

I wonder if Ammon grew up and became the Mariner moose for a year or so. You never know who is in the costume. For you kiddies out there, it is not a real moose. Sorry. But there is a tooth fairy.

I also wonder if when going to games he would tell those seated around him he named the moose. Ammon must be just past thirty years of age. Where is he? What is he doing? Does he go to Mariner games? Did he become a wildlife biologist?

I wonder because the Mariners are losing to Oakland, okay they are getting bombed, 9-2 as I write, and the Mariners are in the dog days and hunting season is coming. Viva the moose!



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  1. Aria

    Just googled my brother out of curiosity and came across this article. Part of why Ammon won that contest was the drawing of the moose that accompanied it (complete with a “mom” tattoo on his arm). To answer your burning questions, no he never donned the costume, though he did throw out a first pitch in a game as a teenager (probably the moose’s 10 year birthday). He is an accountant for Grant Thornton and until recently lived in Bellevue (currently abroad in China with his wife and four kids). And there you go.😊

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