Mariners In Rehab

There is a big difference between a Lindsay Lohan rehab and a Chone Figgins rehab. What they have in common is- out of sight, out of mind. But that is ending soon for Chone. 

Figgins has been suffering from a hip flexor injury. That is  a somewhat fancy term for a pulled muscle in the hip area. He won’t be recalled until after September 1 when rosters can be expanded. No sense sending someone down, adding Figgins, then bringing up the other player in a couple of days.

When he rejoins the Mariners third base will be crowded. Seager has been playing well and the Mariners need to see more of him in assessing the team for 2012. They may also add Alex Liddi , 22, who strikes out a lot (163 times so far at Tacoma), but hits a lot of home runs (28 with 99 RBIS and a .258 average).

So Chone may not see much action, especially with a batting average in the .180’s. A token start or two just to show him some love.

Another player on rehab faces the same problem. Justin Smoak mending from a broken nose will find on his return that Mike Carp has been belting home runs, smacking doubles, driving in runs, fielding well at first base, and making a case for himself as an everyday player.

Carp can also play left. But then playing time is needed for Treyvon Robinson, Casper Wells, and those being recalled in September, probably Greg Halman, Carlos Peguero, maybe Mike Saunders and Mike Wilson.

There may be a platoon among them for DH, but what about Willy Mo Pena?

     I want to play too you know.

Manager Eric Wedge has the difficult decision of finding playing time for everyone. Almost like spring  training, with the exception that players won’t get an at bat or two, then take the day off to play golf and drink beer.

Then there is Lindsay Lohan. Rumors are the Mariner Moose has an antler flexor and may go into rehab. Is she available?


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