Mariners New Logo-Kids Are US

Anthony Vazquez, 24,  who will pitch the second game of the doubleheader in Cleveland will be-if my count is correct-the 14th rookie to play for the Mariners this season.

Between games today the Mariners must add Vazquez to the 40 man roster. That means someone must be released or designated for assignment. My guess for the player to walk the plank will be the player I speculated on in an earlier blog, Jamey Wright. That is because the last two times the Mariners had to make such a move they were veteran pitchers, Chris Ray and Aaron Laffey (now with Yankees).

Is this ancient Mariner about to walk the plank?

The Mariners are getting younger. They should call themselves “Kids Are Us.” They could have a baby bobble head giveaway with half a dozen kids in Mariner uniforms with rattles, pacifiers, and blankies.

The front office is taking a catchphrase of the sixties, ‘don’t trust anyone over thirty,’ to heart. The Mariners don’t want to pitch anyone over thirty.

At least we know nobody on the team will get in arrested in some nightclub fracas.  They can’t get in. On road trips they hang out at McDonald’s and shopping malls.

Team blanket night giveaway?

Vazquez began the season at AA Jackson where he was 5-7, 3.77 in 16 starts. The numbers reflect a true Mariner pitcher, a losing record with a decent ERA. Promoted to Tacoma he was 4-3, 3.21 in eight starts.

Now he joins the youth brigade. He like most of the 14 rookies are like unknown actors auditioning for a part in a movie, hoping the vehicle  will make them a star.

That is not far from the truth as the Mariners are looking to see who will have the best chance to stay with the club in coming years. In left field they could have Casper Wells, Carlos Peguero, or Treyvon Robinson, or somebody else.

And the Mariners are not done with rookies yet. Come September when the PCL season closes there could be another influx of rookies. Perhaps third baseman Alex Liddi, hitting .255 with 27 homers and 96 RBIS.

Next year Mariner games will not be televised on Root NW, but on The Disney Channel. Buy your Goofy attire today.


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