Mariners Have New Pitcher

The quote from Mariners general manager says it  all. “We’ll give Danny a shot right off the bat to see if he can make the big league club or not,” Zduriencik said.

The quote came following the Mariners signing of Danny Hultzen, the number one pick for the Mariners in the June draft, number two overall.

What does that remark mean. It could be interpreted two ways. One, he will get a chance to play on the 25 man roster now, or, two that he will get a chance to make the club in spring training.

Chris  Ray was released to make room for Hultzen on the 40 man roster. Ray was scheduled to come off the disabled list, now he is on the goodbye and thank you list.

              Ray off the DL and out of a job

So if Hultzen, a lefthanded starting pitcher, is to make the 25 man active roster, another move would need to be made.

But with Felix, Pineda, Beavan, Furbush, and Vargas, there is not much room for a starter. They might use him in relief this summer, just to get his feet wet, perhaps giving him some starts in September.

Hultzen finished his junior year at Virginia with a 12-3 record and 1.37 ERA. If the Mariners get real crazy they could use him at DH. He hit .308 this season with 35 RBI’s in 43 games. So even when not pitching he was playing. Of course, the Mariners are not that crazy.

Whether  we see Hultzen in the coming week or next season, by all accounts they drafted one of the best pitchers available.




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