Mariners Wedge Shakes up Lineup; Real Reason?

Prior to Thursday’s game with Toronto, Mariner’s manager Eric Wedge said he was going with veterans, that “only veterans can get us out of this slide” meaning of course an eleven game losing streak.

But it is veterans who have gotten the Mariners in the slide to begin with. Ichiro .260 and .212 in last 30 days; Figgins .184 and .107 in last thirty; Olivo .216 and .169 in last thirty; Gutierrez .181 and .175 in last thirty.

The only two changes of note in the lineup were Figgins playing in left field and Jack Wilson at second. Wedge said he was going with veterans to snap the losing streak, but it may have more to do with showcasing Figgins and Wilson for teams looking to add veterans for the stretch. Not that the Mariners would get much, but Wilson is not part of the Mariner’s future and Figgins needs a change of scenery, as he has been a bust.

Today down 5-1, veteran Miguel Olivo belted the Mariners first grand salami of the season to tie game 5-5 in the 8th, but in the bottom half of the inning veteran Dave Pauley gave up two runs and Mariners lose again 7-5.

The Mariners offense came alive in Toronto, scoring 16 runs, but losing all three games, 6-5, 11-6, and 7-5. The bats warmed up, but the pitching deep-sixed.  

It will be interesting if Wedge keeps Wilson and Figgins in the lineup when they head to Boston for a weekend season..More showcasing or more shake ups. Either way the Mariners have a chance to make history. They have lost 12 straight, two away from the team record of 14. If the Red Sox sweep them- a likely event-then a new record will be set with a chance to add-on when they go to New York Monday.

                      Time for the kids to play

The season is lost as far as any post season, so cheer on the team to set a new record in futility. Then hope they make some trades for decent prospects or at least warmer bodies, then let the kids play themselves into or out of jobs for next season. 


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