Mariners Losing But Wedge Making Good Moves

Okay the Mariners lost another game to the Braves, dropping two games under .500. So we will bypass all that went wrong.

What is of interest is the return of Jack Cust to the lineup after sitting down to ride the pines on the deck of the good ship Mariner. He had gone 3 for his last 30, looking totally lost at the plate before returning tonight. He had a double and homer in his first two at bats.

  Jack Cust #29 Of The Seattle Mariners Rounds

Cust looking at home plate, “So this is what it looks like.”

Eric Wedge seems to know when to sit players and when to bring them back. He sat Ichiro for one game and then Ichiro came back hotter than Michelle Bachman in Waterloo, Iowa.

Now Cust comes back strong-at least for one game.

That brings up Chone Figgins who is sitting because a .186 batting average is as cold as President Obama in Waterloo, Iowa. When he comes back is anyones guess. Kennedy will play third for now, playing four or five games a week. So it has been said.

Alex Liddi is waiting in the wings. he is hitting .260 with 14 homers in Tacoma. If he arrives in Seattle he will be the first Italian born player in the Majors since 1953 and Reno Bertoia of Detroit.

I will always remember Reno because one year it seemed every pack of bubble gum cards I bought had Reno Bertioa. I think I had every Bertoia card on the West Coast.

The Bertoia card I got was from a different year with red background.

But he is unlikely to come up because some one will have to move down. Maybe Carp, but it seems the Mariners are unlikely to make any big moves soon. They have already brought up Peguero, Carp, and Halman. And Kennedy is playing the position well. But stay tuned for what could transpire in July.

The Mariners team batting average dropped down even more, checking in at .227 prior to Tuesday nights game. Trader Jack will be doing something, whether it be Liddi or a trade, but the hitting needs a spark from somebody.




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