Mariner Bats Cold As Ice

Pardon me for beating a dead seahorse, but without an offense, it is hard to win. The three game sweep by Washington illustrates the sea-sick sailors problem as the Mariners hull sank below .500.

Tuesday a Justin Smoak error in the 9th inning helped the Nats score 5 runs, but only two earned as the Mariners lost 6-5.

Wednesday the Nats scored two runs, both unearned, thanks to errors by Figgins and Olivo. Mariners lose 2-1.

Thursday Pineda pitches 8 innings, strikes out nine, allows no runs, but the Nats win again in the bottom of the 9th on a Sac fly.

The Mariners gave up only eight runs in three games, only four of the runs were earned. And they lose all three games.

The Mariners have to play perfect defense and get great pitching in order to keep the game close. A .230 team batting average, last in Major League baseball will not win games, not enough to get into the playoffs anyway.

But can they get a bat?

The picture is misleading. They are not icicles, but Mariner bats.

One will not do them any good. Even if they make a trade, they would have to trade low minor leaguers or a veteran like Chone Figgins. But who wants a third baseman hitting .190 with no power in a power position.

Therein lies the problem. Seattle has little to bargain with.

Maybe Doug Fister and minor league pitching prospects can be traded along with Figgins, with Blake Bleavan who came over from Texas in the Cliff Lee trade, taking Fister’s spot in the rotation.

Baseball is a game of highs and lows. The Mariners went from a high of taking two of three from Philadelphia to a low, losing three straight one run games to Washington, losing two in the bottom of the 9th.

Contrary to popular belief things to not even out. If it did very team would play .500 ball. If the Mariner bats do not heat up or if they do not make a big trade, then chances are the excitement they gave us in Spring will die in summer. 


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