Mariners Bounce Win Over Angels

Wrap up game with the Angels who bedeviled the Mariners the last two nights. The halos had the brooms out and ready to sweep the Mariners into Elliot Bay.

Scoreless game bottom of the seventh with the bases loaded and Carlos Peguero up with a 1-2 count. He hits one up the middle and Aybar of the Angels is behind the bag ready to make the play to end the inning. But the ball smacks the bag, bounces high in the air and before things get settled two runs cross the plate.

Bedard pitched seven innings giving up three hits, no walks, striking out five before giving way to Dave Pauley. The usual reliable Pauley with a 0.94 ERA walked two and gave up an RBI single to Aybar to make it 2-1.                                                                         

In the Mariner eighth Greg Halman, like Peguero, a rookie, who came in for defense replacing Mike Carp in left, blasted a ball over the centerfield fence for 3-1 lead. It was his first Major League homer.

Speaking of rookies, starting left fielder Mike Carp robbed an Angel of a home run early in the game, leaping high up on the left field fence, gloved hand and arm reaching  over the fence to pluck a run away from the Angels.

So all three rookies had a big part in the Mariner win. Peguero, Halman, and Carp. They will delight M’s fans for years to come.

League came in the 9th for the save. A one out bloop single by Kendrick gave the Angels hope. Then a slow bouncer with Brendan Ryan charging into the infield grass and all in one motion scooping up the ball one-handed and firing to Smoak at first to get Trumbo for the second out as Kendrick took second. Then a harmless fly to center to end the game.

Ichiro who was 3-34 before being sat down for one game last week is 10-20 since his day of rest.

Thursday the M’s have the day off. Friday it is the Phillies with Oswalt and Pineda; Saturday it will be Worthy, a rookie, facing Admiral Felix, and Sunday it is Cole Hamels and Vargas.


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