Mariners Streak; So Do Fans

Adam Kennedy’s  bases loaded single against Mariano Rivera in the bottom of the 12th got the Mariners a 5-4 win over the Yankees, moving the M’s into second place at 26-25 and beating the mighty Rivera for the third time in 56 appearances. Kennedy had been 1 for 12 against Rivera.

Security was a bit lax at Safeco Field Saturday night. There were three separate incidents of fans running onto the field, the last one being a streaker, reflecting, perhaps, the Mariners recent streak of winning; but the streaker had nothing on the Mariners who wore uniforms during their streak. He did get more laughs than the Mariners however.

It was a tight contest with Cano homering in the second and Teixeira in the third.

Olivo had an rbi ground out in the second, beating out a relay throw that could have ended the inning on double play. He also doubled in two runs in the fourth and scored the M’s fourth run on a Ryan single.

Granderson had a two out triple in the seventh to tie game 4-4.

Admiral Felix, like Pineda Friday night, struggled with his control, pitching seven innings and tying a career high with 128 pitches, walking five and striking out four. He gave up four runs leaving with the score 4-4.

The brooms will be out on Sunday to see if Jason Vargas and the M’s can beat C.C. Sabathia and the Bombers. Sail on Sailors!

Jack Cust watch: 1st homer at 164 plate appearances; second homer pending at 19.


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