Mariners Stow brooms In Closet

Seattle did not get the chance to swab the decks of the good ship Mariner as the Yankees won game three by a 7-1  score, resulting in a bit soiled poop deck. 

Justin Vargas, like Pineda on friday and Felix on saturday struggled early with control. Unlike the other two, he was unable to escape, going three innings allowing five hits, walking four, and giving up six runs, five coming in the third. Vargas tossed 82 pitches in three innings. That is a mitt full. 

Two of those runs in the third should not have happened as Gimenez, Mariner catcher tagged out a sliding Swisher, but umpire Gerry Davis missed the tag on Swisher’s elbow. It should have been the third out, but the run counted as did the next. So it goes.

Jeff Gray made is second Mariner appearance in relief, pitching four innings giving up one run. Chris Ray pitched two scoreless innings.

Justin Smoak did hit a home run, his seventh,  giving Mariner fans something to cheer about.

Texas, Los Angeles, and Oakland all won, so Seattle drops into a tie with Oakland for third, but only 1.5  games back of Texas.

Still winning two of three from the dreaded Yankees and A-Fraud is a positive. Tomorrow is a Memorial Day afternoon game against the Baltimore Orioles, a team the Mariners should be able to handle, but after the Yankees, a let down must be guarded against. So the M’s need to pluck some feathers.

Jack Cust did not play Sunday, so after hitting his first homer in his 164th plate appearance his second is still pending, holding at 19 plate appearances.

Ex Mariners on the move; Russell Branyan released by Arizona is with the Angels; Josh Wilson also relased by Arizona is with Milwaukee, and Jose Lopez, released by the Rockies, is yet to be claimed.


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