Jack Cust Watch Not Over; New One Begins

Having the weekend off against San Diego must have recharged the bat of Jack Cust for he homered in his first at bat in Minnesota. His first Mariner homer came in his 164th plate appearance. The Watch for number two is at five.

Another watch concerns Jeff Gray claimed on waivers from Chicago who has yet to pitch for Seattle. It has been 10 days since he joined the team and he is still waiting. The starting pitching has been so strong that a mid reliever has not been needed. He must love his new job. Getting paid to not work is a wonderful thing.

The Mariners have won six straight and seven of ten and are now poised to get to .500 with a win tonight against the Twins. They are at that pressure filled mark of one game below .500 at 23-24. As the saying goes, get to .500 before you can think of getting to the playoffs-unless of course  you are the Seahawks. The Mariners are 1.5 games from first place and have risen to third place, Oakland sinking to the basement, three games out.

While the M’s have been winning low scoring games of late, they gave up seven runs and still won the game in Minnesota, 8-7. It was their first extra innings win of the year.

So the team remains on a roll. But they have been the poster child for streaky teams, going on a winning binge, then purging itself with a losing binge.

.500 is a big step for these guys and it is up to Doug Fister to pitch well tonight.



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