The Good And The Bad Of The Good Ship Mariner

The Jack Cust watch: 158 plate appearances without a home run.

Yes, sailor Jack is the clean up hitter. He is on a pace to have 48 to 50 RBI’S on the season. Welcome to Mariner land. 

The Mariners are clearly an unbalanced team. Their pitching is excellent ranking fifth in the American League with a 3.62 ERA. After the win Wednesday night, Vargas has given up one run in 26 plus innings; Pineda continues to dominate, looking like the next Admiral Felix; and the bullpen has been as good as you can hope for-the one big glitch, Brandon League’s week of three blown saves and four losses. But he got the save for Vargas in the 3-0 win over the Angels. 

Mariner hitting though is woeful. They are tied with the Twins for last in the league with a .226 average and are second worst in home runs (23) to the Twins (18). Seattlehas two triples (last) and 65 doubles (3rd worst). 

The team, as last year, was built for pitching and defense. They have the pitching, but the defensive fielding average of .984 puts them 8th in the league which is middle of the road, just an average to mediocre defense. On the plus side of the defense the have turned 48 double plays tied for first in the league. 

What is impressive about the double plays is that Eric Wedge does not have a set infield up the middle. Jack Wilson, Adam Kennedy, and Luis Rodriquez have played second base and Brendan Ryan and Rodriquez have played shortstop. The mix and match instrumented by Wedge has not hurt turning a DP. 

The Mariners are now carrying five outfielders with the return of Franklin Gutierrez. Rookies Peguero and Wilson will platoon in left, Gutierrez in center, Ichiro in right, with Saunders and his .171 batting average hanging around in case Franklin’s stomach acts up. 

After tonight’s game the Mariners set sail for the Port of San Diego and their unnatural rival, the Padres, then a three game set inMinnesota. Bon Voyage to the good ship Mariner.




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