Pineda hot, League not

Now that MLB Blogs have been revamped with WordPress we can get back to business. 

In the Jack Cust watch: 150 plate appearances without a home run. 

Pineda throws a gem inMinnesotato end seven game skid by sea sick sailors. He was April rookie of the month and now the M’s may have two stoppers on the staff. But . . .  


League blows third straight save as White Sox, Orioles, and Indians line up for walk-off wins. Aardsma may not be back for a long time, but Wedge has said League is the closer. At the moment there is not much choice. 

An occasional blown save is expected from time to time, no one is perfect, but three in one week is demoralizing. The Mariners have a six game losing streak and League racked up four of those losses. The Mariners can ill afford to give away games as wins for a team with little offense are a premium.

 League’s ERA jumped from 2.08 to 7.31. He had been nine for nine in save opportunities, but after this week he must be shell-shocked. 

They could have tried Dan Cortes who they called up April 25th. But he pitched only one inning since his call up. His arm probably has cobwebs. The pitching, outside of League, has been good of late, but still one inning in nearly three weeks is a waste. 

It would have been nice to see the kid try it, but the Mariners picked up Jeff Gray on waivers from the White Sox for middle relief and returned Cortes toTacoma.




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