Mariners Say Goodbye to Langerhans And Bradley

Goodbye Bradley and goodbye Langerhans.


When a team has an off day general managers often make big moves, in this case designating Milton Bradley and Ryan Langerhans for assignment.


Bradley, according to Trader Jack, was not part of the Mariners future, nor was he part of the present. Sadly Milton has emotional problems and other behavioral issues, which combined with a career Mariner batting average of .209 is good cause to say goodbye.


Langerhans never has hit with anybody and his strikeout totals, 22 in 52 at bats, are ridiculous. A .173 batting average does not help either.


So the Mariners say hello to the future with twenty-four year old Carlos Peguero, a left handed hitting outfielder, 6’5, 245 pounds, who spent a week with Seattle when Smoak was on bereavement leave. He was hitting .282 with four homers at Tacoma.


They also called up twenty-seven year oldoutfielder Mike Wilson, batting .382 with four homers at Tacoma.


Both moves were long in coming.


And there will be more as the season goes on. If youth is planned to be blended in over the season, perhaps Alex Liddi will take over third with Figgins getting traded.


And Dustin Ackley may be at second before the all-star break.


Much depends on how the Mariners perform in the coming weeks and where the brass thinks they can stay in the race or not.


Even if Peguero and Wilson struggle, so what. Neither Bradley nor Langerhans were helping anyway. Better to go with the kids to see what you’ve got.






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