Do The Mariners Have Help In Tacoma

With the good ship Mariner sailing through stormy waters with leaks springing up throughout the lineup, like Jack Cust, a clean up hitter, with 12 hits, eleven of which are singles, and a .172 batting average being just one of the leaks, the question arises is there help in the Port of Tacoma, the AAA affiliate of the Mariners.


The Rainiers of Tacoma started the season splitting a four game series with Sacramento and were 3-4 before losing ten of their last eleven games, falling to 4-14. Little brother is not doing well. They are not fun at home going 1-7.


The team batting average was .232 going into Sunday’s game with future second baseman Dustin Ackley hitting .236 after going 0-4 Sunday. But his numbers are improving as he was hitting under the famed .200 Mendoza line.


Peguero was hitting .311 before getting a call up when Justin Smoak took a seven day bereavement leave owing to his father’s death. Peguero will probably head back to Tacoma, unless the Mariners say goodbye to Ryan Langerhans and his .152 average with 14 strikeouts in 33 at bats. Peguero can put up those numbers and with the Mariners heading no where it might be better to play the kids, see what you have in Peguero for you will not learn what you have watching him in Tacoma.


Langerhans days are probably numbered anyway with Franklin Gutierrez returning from the Mayo Clinic with a final diagnosis for his stomach problems. He has been taken medication, he feels better, and will make the road trip, but will not be activated until team feels he is ready to play.


Tacoma pitching shows a 4.79 era. Left hander Chris Seddon had a 0.96 era in three starts, but a 0-1 record. Today he gave up four runs in five innings. And David Aardsma making another rehab appearance lasted 1/3 of an inning, 3 hits, a walk, and 4 runs. I think he is not yet ready for prime time.


So not much help this early in the season. The good ship Mariner must sail on; leaking, bobbing, and weaving through gray, rough water.




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