Jamey Wright A Bright Spot in Mariners Dismal Start

There is a bright spot in the Mariner’s dismal season, besides of course Michael Pineda who seems to be the real deal. The bright spot is Jamey Wright.


This journeyman pitcher who will be 37 years old Christmas eve was released by the Oakland A’s July 14 of 2010 and the Mariners signed him the next day.


He pitched well in the bullpen for the Mariners in 2010. In 28 relief appearances he compiled a 3.41 e.r.a. in 37 innings, allowing 30 hits, but walking 16.


He chose free agency in the off-season, but resigned with Seattle January 31.


In spring training he pitched 12 innings, gave up only 4 hits, while walking 1 and striking out 9. His e.r.a was a perfect 0.00. You always want to question any player’s numbers during preseason. Who did he face? Major league hitters? Minor leaguers?


Early into the regular season he has pitched 7 innings, allowed 4 hits, walking 1, striking out 4 and still has the perfect 0.00 earned run average.


The same can not be said of another veteran Chris Ray and his 16.88 e.r.a or rookie Josh Lueke checking in at 15.19.


It is safe to say, small sampling not withstanding, that no one saw this coming from this seemingly over the hill pitcher. Six years with Colorado as a starter he was 35-52 with 5.40 e.r.a.; three years as starter with Milwaukee, 23-34, 4.73; two years in the bullpens of Kansas City and Texas, one in St. Louis, and one year starting and relieving for San Francisco, 6-10, 5.19.


His career numbers are 83-118 and an earned run average of 4.98. But with Seattle his e.r.a. is 2.89 in 34 games.


His undistinguished record and age did not foreshadow the job he is doing in Seattle. Many Mariners are floundering like a newly caught salmon on a charter boat deck. Not so this fish out of water. Maybe his floundering his behind him.



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