Mariners Win But Averages Resemble Friday Night Bowling Scores

The 3-2 win Sunday in Kansas City following a Saturday post game tongue lashing by manger Eric Wedge does not belie Mariner woes.


The batting averages of the sea sick sailors look like Friday night bowling scores.


In the outfield Ichiro (.254) may yet have an Ichiro type year, but to this date he has not and is 37 years old. He is not the problem but as leadoff hitter we start with him.


Gutierrez has stomach problems that have fooled doctors like a 12-6 curveball baffling batters. Milton Bradley (.241) is a dysfunctional problem child waiting for a meltdown. That leaves Saunders (.182), who neither last season nor this year has proven he is a major league hitter, and Langerhans (.143) who has never proven he can hit.


In the infield, shortstop Jack Wilson (.188) was moved to second and has a mental block about playing the position. Adam Kennedy is hitting (.296) but is 35, a utility player in twilight of his career, and Brendan Ryan (.238) may be the proverbial good field no hit middle infielder. Chone Figgins (.143), a non power hitter in a power position at third base has been a bust as a free agent. Justin Smoak is hitting .300 at first, but the jury is in deliberations on his future. He could be a bust or a star.


Miquel Olivo (.156) is a fine journeyman catcher who has never hit well at Safeco field. And Jack Cust (.196) with no homers and five rbis as clean up hitter is not cleaning up.


This lineup could not scare Charlie Brown in the pumpkin patch. Three hitting coaches in two years have not helped.


They won’t bring up Dustin Ackley because it is too early in the season and he is not hitting in Tacoma anyway.


Players will have hot streaks, they will look to have things turned around, but that tease will not seduce anyone into believing these guys are a solid hitting lineup.


The Mariners are giving away a bag of compost soil following an upcoming game. They should save some for the bat rack to grow bats.






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