Toronto Series Wrap-Up; What The Numbers say About The M’s

The Mariners were on a seven game losing streak, but with a chance to extend that, they go and beat Toronto Monday night 8-7 and win again 3-2 on Tuesday.


How can Admiral Felix give up seven runs in one game and how can the hitless wonders bounce back to win that game? A miracle?


Then Pineda wins his first game while Langerhans hits his third homer. Is his bat on steroids?


But the Mariners got back on track, losing the finale of the three game series to Toronto as Chris Ray and Josh Lueke blew a 2-1 lead by giving up six runs in the 8th.


Hitting is still a problem as it was in 2010. The team is hitting .220, only the Orioles and Rays are worse and their 92 strikeouts are the second most, trailing only the Angels.


While the pitching has looked good at times, their earned run average of 4.76 is 12th out of 14th, the Red Sox and Tigers keeping the M’s from last.


Seattle is also 12th in fielding.


So the numbers reflect their record. When you are near the bottom in hitting, pitching, and fielding, you end up losing two out of three, as the Mariners are doing .333 (4-8).  


As bad as things are the Mariners have won two more games than the Boston Red Sox. It is baseball bizarro world.


The Mariners do not have the players to turn it around, so they set sail to Kansas City on their voyage to another 100 plus season. Bon Voyage!




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