Mariners Slide Continues; Is Ship Sinking?

The Mariners losing streak hit seven today with a 6-4 beating by Cleveland. The seasick sailors are on a pace to lose many, many, many games. Probably over 100 again. It may be only nine games, but they look worse than last season.


They did stop the streak of six straight games of having only six hits in a game. Today they had five. Langerhans and Saunders homered, but that is little solace as Bedard gave up six early runs and the M’s could not catch up.


When Ichiro is hitting .250 you know the waters are rough. Figgins .135; Cust .188; Smoak .226; Ryan .143, and on and on.


The team is batting .215, have 64 hits in nine games and have scored a meager 29 runs, slightly over three per game. They have a new manager, a new hitting coach, but the result is the same, lack of hitting and run production.


If you have a lineup like the Boston Red Sox, you know sooner or later the hits will come, not so with these wobbly seafarers.


They brought in Jack Cust for power, but after nine games he has no homers, nor does Smoak. Langerhans leads with two. Saunders and Figgins have one.


Admiral Felix can put an end to the misery by beating Toronto tomorrow. But even if he does, it is a Band-Aid on a wound that needs stitches. At least the Mariners have claimed last place early eliminating any need for suspense.


Jack Wilson still has been absent from the lineup since pulling himself from the game Wednesday. But manager Eric Wedge says Wilson is still the second baseman. Last year Milton Bradley was the distraction, the problem child now is Wilson.


With the M’s losing in the way they lost in 2010, it is only a matter of time before more dissension, more headaches, and more distractions pile up.


Sail on Sailors.




One comment

  1. janeln

    Things are starting to look a little more promising, with the
    exception of Jack Cust. I get so frustrated every time he gets up
    to bat. How long are they going to keep him as the designated hitter?

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