Good Ship Mariner Hits Iceberg

The good ship Mariner has hit an iceberg. The ship is taking on water and could be sinking.


Jack Wilson pulls himself out of a game in Texas, the home opener is a disaster with the M’s getting bombed by Cleveland 12-3 extending their losing streak to five games.


According to manager Eric Wedge, Jack Wilson, for years a starting shortstop, but moved to second base in spring training, took himself out of the game that Felix lost on Wednesday when Wilson made two big errors in one inning.


Wilson said he did not want to hurt the team the rest of the game; that taking himself out gave the Mariners a getter chance to win.


Sounds like insecurity to me. He is obviously not comfortable at second base and those errors will be in his head for a long time.


Wedge may make a roster move as he is not one to put up with a player bowing out of a game. One week into the season and Wedge already has a small mutiny.


A team’s home opener, usually with sell out crowds, is a great time to show the fans what you have. Show them a competitive, entertaining, hard fighting team and the fans will come back.


But the Mariners played like the 1962 Mets. Five straight losses, with six hits in each game will not endear the team to fans. Instead of coming out to games, fans will stay home watching F-Troop reruns.


Not the type of game wanted for a home opener, especially on a night when the late Dave Niehaus was honored with a street named after him, and press row named after him, and his widow throwing out the first pitch.


Some think the Mariner team needs to find an identity, but they already have one. Surely, you remember Larry Storch’s Corporal Agarn.


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