Shouldn’t King Felix Be Admiral Felix; Hot And Cold M’s

The Mariners hit rough water losing their last two games after winning their opening two. But if they split the next two games in Texas they come back home with a 3-3 road trip and the adage says to play .500 on the road.


Olivo, Smoak, and Jack Wilson are 5-13 (.385); Bradley and Ichiro 6-17 (.353), so five in the lineup are doing well.


Not doing well are Figgins 3-17 with 5 strikeouts; Cust 2-13, but with 4 walks and 2 rbis; the unnatural Langerhans 2-13 with 6 strikeouts; and Brendan Ryan 1-12 (ouch).


More good news is that in the first four games the bullpen has not been taxed. Only Pauley has appeared in two games, so everyone is well rested.


They call Felix- King Felix- but this is the seafaring Mariners, so shouldn’t he be Admiral Felix. Just thinking. Both he and Vargas had strong 2011 debuts; Fister and Bedard, so-so.


But the team era is 3.71. Pitching against the power laden Rangers, however, could see that rise as Pineda makes his major league debut tonight. Nice to have a rested bullpen.


Of course it is early, but the question is- when is it not early? On May 1 do we stop saying it is early, or in mid May. One manager said after 50 games you know what kind of team you have. If we go by that we have 46 games left.


If Pineda can pitch well against the Arlington Bombers and the M’s eek out a win with the Admiral pitching tomorrow that would be one great road trip.


The Pacific Coast League begins play Thursday and Dustin Ackley is warming up his bat waiting to light up PCL pitching and get the call to take part on the Mariner 2011 sea cruise.







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