Robertson, Mariner Profits, and Commercials

Left handed pitcher Nate Robertson in the mix for a starting job is on the shelf. He will have arthroscopic surgery on his left elbow and is expected to be out four weeks.


He is a non-roster player, but the Mariners have told him they still want him to try making the team when he is healthy. They could have cut him, but played the nice guy. Besides he is a lefty and they are always needed.

In other moves outfielder Greg Halman and first baseman Mike Carp were sent down to
Tacoma. So too were pitchers Edward Paredes, Chaz Roe, and Chris Seddon. No surprises.


The Mariners made a $1.7 million profit last season with a terrible team.  Good marketing, giveaway promotions for the kids, and no gray dome, puts money in the bank. Also the high cost of beer. But the profits took a hit, down from $3.2 million in 2009.


The current ownership who purchased the team in 1995, lost $200 million between 1995 and 1999 when Safeco opened. Since Safeco they have made a profit every year except 2008. Build it and they will come. It was built and we came, high cost of beer or not. It is simply a great venue for baseball.


But the Mariners still must put a team on the field that can complete. Continued residence in the basement will turn off fans, even with King Felix and Ichiro. If the team can play near .500 the fans will come out for their bobble heads and overpriced beer.


A bigger hit than the team are the annual Mariner commercials. They are nearly as anticipated as the Oscars. You can get a preview at the Mariner website.


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