Is It Time To Look At Spring Training Stats? YES

DISCLAIMER: Yes, I know it is spring training, that it is still early in the exhibition season, and that you can’t take the stats seriously.


But baseball is a stat game, whether the numbers mean much or not, it is fun to look at the numbers.


So here are some numbers: .150; .118; 118; .214; .091. Those are the respecting bating averages of Michael Saunders, Brendan Ryan, Justin Smoak, Adam Kennedy, and Gabe Gross.


True it is only eight games and with the small sampling they can turn it around with a hot streak.  On the other hand, if they do not get untracked, ouch.


Other numbers: Jack Cust and Saunders are striking out 40% of their at bats, Smoak has whiffed 6 of 17 times and Ryan Langerhans 6 of 13, but he is hitting .308 and that is the number that scares me.


Langerhans has never hit in the Major Leagues. I am hoping Eric Wedge and Trader Jack do not take that .308 average seriously.


What gives me hope is that I know Ryan’s average is not a true sampling of his inability to hit. It is a fluke. Therefore the averages of Saunders, Ryan, Smoak, Kennedy, and Gross are equally a fluke. So we are back we started. It is early.


The numbers will mean something the last week of camp when it is decision time for which players make the final roster spots. But in the meantime, I will be keeping an accountants eye on the ledger entries for each crew member of the good ship Mariner.




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