A Stomach, An Apathy, And A Chance

Franklin Gutierrez has stomach problems, Jody Gerut has apathy problems and Blake Bleaven has a chance.


The doctors have yet to determine the problem with Gutierrez’s stomach. But my hunch is that watching replays of Mariner games the past season would make anyone’s stomach turn for the worst. I know mine did.


In Gerut’s case apathy was a bug the M’s had last season. He retired before the Mariners opening spring training game against the Padres. Physically the 33 year old was fine, but he said mentally he was not there. He said that playing just for a paycheck “is a notion so distasteful to me it makes me physically sick to my stomach.” Has anyone checked Gutierrez’s mental state? Maybe there is a connection.


It is rare for a player to be son honest with his assessment. He loved the game and his respect for it is what made him retire. If your mind and attitude are not there, it is time to go.


Gerut had a good chance to make the team and could have been Gutierrez’s back up in centerfield according to manager Eric Wedge.


As for Bleaven whom they received from Texas in the Cliff Lee trade, the former number one draft pick has a chance to nail a rotation spot with a good camp. He is only 22, so the M’s might think some more experience in Tacoma would be beneficial.


He is 6’7″ and throws in low 90’s and has excellent control. He may be in a battle with Pineda for the fifth spot. All reports say his stomach and mental state are fine.



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