A Baseball Fan’s Uncaring View Of Spring

Spring is full of illusions.


I love baseball, but surprisingly I am sure to avid baseball fans, I have little interest in following games in March.


The games have no meaning, wins and losses a mirage of how a team will perform; although last spring the Mariners floundered in the same manner they did the entire season. That being said, spring is still not to be trusted.


It is time for pitchers to work on things, their numbers misleading, as they work on old pitches, experiment with new ones; the batters also working on things, changing a stance, tweaking their swing.


It is like a Broadway show opening out of town to work out the bugs, find out what is working, and what needs to be improved, including changing the cast if needed.


There was a time when a player could tear the cover off the ball or dominate on the mound and make the team because he earned the spot, the manager and GM believing that player could help the team win.


But today that roster spot is chosen by salary. If a player is under contract, has a big salary, even a marginal salary, he has a roster spot, as teams are unwilling to pay big money to someone not on the team.


It is different with some positions this year on the Mariners as they have a battle for second, but will Ackley make the team if he impresses? We shall see. But at shortstop Jack Wilson is still owed money so he makes the team.


I will watch MLB Network, I will watch a few games, at least a few innings here and there, I will browse baseball websites, listen to hype, to rumors, but I will take all with a grain of horsehide, as for me the true fun begins opening day, a day which should be a national holiday.






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