Who’s On Second?

So what are the Mariners doing at second and short anyway?


The Mariners indicated more than once during the off-season that they expected Dustin Ackley to start in Tacoma. (I did not believe it).  They further indicated Brendan Ryan would most likely start at second until Ackley was deemed ready.


Now manager Eric Wedges has said that Ryan will battle Jack Wilson at short and they want Wilson to also get in time at second in case he is needed.


Huh? Wilson is only 33 and if you go by stats is considered one of the best shortstops in baseball. So why do they want him to try second? Are they considering him as a utility player?


They also have Adam Kennedy in the battle at second. 


I can see Wedge wanting more flexibility, but why play a top shortstop out of position. Both Kennedy and Ryan have more experience at second base. Let them battle it out.


If Ackley makes the team-and I believe he will- you then have Ryan and Kennedy for backups at two positions.


Wilson has had health issues since coming to Seattle, missing games with Seattle in both 2009 when he was traded from Pittsburgh and also last season playing 61 games.


It is open auditions. The Mariners are in a period of transition at those two spots, the only two where uncertainty seems to rule. At least for the moment. The future has Ackley at second, possibly Ryan at short until Nick Franklin is ready.


At some point it will be Smoak, Ackley, Franklin, and perhaps Mangini at third. But the building blocks begin now to insure that future.


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