No Replacement Needed For Niehuas; Can’t Be Done Anyway

Dave Niehaus, Mariner broadcaster and member of baseball Hall of Fame who died November 10, can’t be replaced, not to millions of fans who listened to him since 1977.


So he won’t be replaced.


It is a wise decision by the Mariners. A year, maybe two, needs to pass before they add a new member to the broadcast team, if they even need to find one.


Dave Sims and Mike Blowers will do television coverage almost exclusively, while long time Mariner announcer Rick Rizz will do the radio side with former Mariner players and announcers.


Ken Wilson who teamed with Niehaus many Mariner moons ago along, and Ken Levine, also with play by play experience will assist Rizz in that department. And long time color man with Niehaus, Ron Fairly will be on hand for some games.


Dave Valle and Dan Wilson, former Mariners have done commentary in recent years are signed up and Jay Buhner and Dave Henderson have also been mentioned.


Hey, how about Edgar? Junior for a game? The Big Unit?


Anyway it will be a rotation for all those mentioned except the ones with question marks, though you never know, anybody can pop up during the season.


It will take time for all that Niehaus meant to Mariner fans to recede a bit, time to let things settle in before another permanent replacement is hired.


But is a replacement even needed?


The broadcast team is set with two play by play announcers and fill-ins. Perhaps some player will step up; impress enough to go full time in the future as a color guy and no one need be hired.





One comment

  1. wrigleyregular

    Even though I’m a Cubs fan; because of my work schedule, time with the family, and MLB Ticket, I watch a lot of Seattle games. For me there is not much better than watching late night west coast games after the rest of the family has gone to bed. To be honest, I wasn’t the biggest fan of Niehaus but I understood what he meant in the Seattle area. I really like Dave Sims and I’m glad he will be taking over full time on tv.

    BTW, here are the pics and post I wrote when I went to Seattle this past season to watch the Cubs play at Safeco.

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